I don’t know how you could improve, everything was easy and it arrived fast and great condition. We will definitely order again!!
— Shirley S., Minnesota
HugPress was recommended to me by our family photographer. I think the site was easy to maneuver it just took some time to get used too. I do like how all of the editing tools are together to crop or rotate and it was very easy to change my pictures. I can’t wait to get my prints and we will definitely be using HugPress again!
— C. Waters, Carolina
I love the quality of the pictures. The service was really fast. I came to HugPress due to your use of Kodak paper. Thanks.
— Victor K., Texas
HugPress is the best ordering software I have ever used! So easy!! I have ordered through HD Photo in the past and they are so great and quick but the new software really puts the experience on top!! I can not express how much I love ordering through HugPress and how great their products are!!
— M. Weavil, NC
I am not one that likes change and was a bit lost when I first used he new (kc2) software. Now I can tell it is going to be amazing and easy to use once I get used to it. Thank you for all you and your company has done for me with Art work. Your staff is just wonderful to work with.
— John W., Albemarle NC
Don, the photographs are Beautiful! Love how rich the colors are! Just perfect! Thank you for the quick turn-around time! I do not like change, but with these finished prints....I will adjust to HugPress!
— Sandra C., North Carolina
My first order went very well.
Thanks as always for such fabulous customer service.
— Susan McC., Tennessee
I really like the interface. Pretty user friendly...getting used to it. It’s exciting to think of what may B possible! Have played with the album design software - great possibilities there! I created some really pretty pages!
— Connie J., Carolina
Hugpress Photo Lab in Albemarle! Don Bullock can turn anything into canvas!!! They are my go-to. If it wasn’t for your local lab, I would have to wait days for my bridal canvases to arrive! Your products are always perfect and finished with the perfect touch! So thankful!!!
— Caroline B., Carolina
App was great and customer service is quick and efficient. I look forward to doing all my prints with HugPress.
— Leigh A., South Carolina
Thanks for the email! I love the quick turnaround as always before @ Bullocks. I have always ordered all of my bridal portraits from Bullocks and get great compliments on them especially the finish on each portrait. Thank you again for the quick service and the beautiful portrait.
— Sonya A., Carolina
Hello Don:

Hello Don. First of all congratulations!.. HugPress is awesome.. A fresh new platform - with your high level of quality and service.. Perfect vehicle for new product offerings, sales and growth.
— Sammy A., South Carolina
So far I couldn’t be happier with the ordering system. It took me a little bit to navigate and find what I needed only because I”m so used to using roes software but I believe it is very user friendly and I love the fact that you can name your projects which makes it so much easier to look back at what I’ve ordered!
— Ashley H., North Carolina
“KC2 was way more user friendly and it was great how it looked at the pictures and fit them on the boundary sections based off what it saw. For example, I had a large group shot where I couldn’t fit everyone in front of the background. When I added it to the 5x7 bounding box, KC2 automatically adjusted it so that the sides of the background that were not part of the backdrop were gone. It was like it knew exactly where my background ended.
Great experience. Thanks again Don, I appreciate it! ”
— Shane M., Virginia
Love the new website, it was a bit to get used to. But I think it works much better and is much more clear on how to navigate through. Thanks for always being helpful! And thanks for doing such a great job!!
— Shannon B., Carolina
the ordering process went smoothly with the new interface. It took me a few minutes to figure out where everything was located, especially the current print size I was on, but once I saw it on the left hand side, it was a breeze. It has a very clean layout and is easy to navigate. Thanks!
— David H., Maine
Great service! I live in Mount Pleasant so it’s nice to be able to pick up my order the next day.
— Patti S., Mt Pleasant NC
HugPress is great. It is easy to navigate the software and provides a quality end product. It is reliable, affordable and has the best turn around response time to be found anywhere. Thanks for doing what you do.
— Bernard D., Carolina
Hi Don! Just received my first HugPress order and my prints look perfect. The ordering system is very user friendly! I LOVE the magnet back option, as well!
— Renee S., Kansas
...all I can say is I love it. Great job on the switch over. I’m loving the new relationship we are building I look forward to your great work and customer service. I love the fact that I can call you without feeling that I’m a bother. Looking forward to learning more about it and expanding my business with a great company like yours. Again, thank you so much for your help and service and great turnaround time.
— Jackie S, South Carolina
I love it! It is very user friendly and offers the quality and special services I have become accustomed to from you. Thank you!
— Sheri B., Georgia
I got my order in today, wow that was fast and the pictures are great. Thanks for getting them to me so fast and it was so easy to order. When I have more time I am going to get back on and take a closer look at all your goodies on the site. Thanks again for getting my photo order to me so fast.
— Becky McK., Arkansas
It went great!! I was rather stressed over the change but it went really well and as always thanks to Carrie for assisting me.
— Beth M., Carolina
I thoroughly enjoyed using Hugpress’ innovative ordering app. It was user-friendly and made ordering fast and simple! I am a huge fan of HugPress. I love the available products, such as the charm bracelets, variety of canvases, etc. You’re awesome!
— Gwendolyn W., North Carolina
I met Don and Carrie while attending photography school at RCC and I have used them every since, they are the best and especially the print quality ans delivery service but most of all the great customer service. I can recall a order I was attempting to pick up and couldn’t make it before they were to close for the day and one of the employees agreed to meet me with the order....Now thats GREAT customer service, pleasure knowing you and your team @ HUG PRESS!
— Winfred L., Carolinas
Thank you so much! The pictures turned out amazing and my client was very pleased. I love how quick the process was and how I got the pics in the mail in no time.
— Hailey W., Carolina
Hello, I like to shop local if I can. The website is very nice. I got the pictures very quickly. Thank you!
— Tobi S., Carolina
As usual, I got my order and it looks fantastic. It is so nice to place an order and not worry about how good it will look. The ordering process was easy - finding the time to sit down and decide what to order was the hard part. Carrie is a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much for being the best!
— Joan C., Carolina