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With Don Bullock's 45+ years as photographer & prolab owner, HugPress is destined to become the end-to-end innovative solution for your creative photography. 

Interested in selling your photography online - without hassle or monthly expense?

HugPress Photographers Say it Best

Hi, it’s Claudia. Just wanted to let you know I got that album uploaded and it is going through cyber space now. I love the new program. It’s very very nice.
— Claudia, Carolinas
Hi Don! Just received my first HugPress order and my prints look perfect. The ordering system is very user friendly! I LOVE the magnet back option, as well!
— Renee S., Kansas
Just placed an order yesterday. The fact that I didn’t have to deal with Java made me very happy!
— Steve McK, Carolina
So far I love the new system! Especially the fact that I can name my orders. Which makes it super easy to look back and locate when I’ve missed something. I look forward to ordering more in the near future!
— Ashley H., Carolinas
Loved the software. It flowed so easily. Does this mean I can take (Bullock Pro’s) BPRocs off my computers? (...yes)
— Angela K., Carolina
Hello Don,
I like The HugPress better than the NPL ROES . You run a classy and Professional business. Now that my health is getting better, I hope to be out taking pictures again soon. I will be placing orders again.
— Pete D., Pennsylvania
... but most importantly you all have been friends for a LONG time! The team you have built is just absolutely fantastic ... especially that lady Carrie!!!!!!! Goodbye Bullock Pro ... Hello HugPress ... Press On full speed ahead!!!
— Steve S, St. Louis MO
Thanks Don! I found the new software very easy to use. I like the addition of PayPal payment as well. I’m excited to try ordering apparel. As always, I am very pleased with the quality and my clients are also.
— Catricia M., W. Virginia
We take pride in our photography and the quality of prints that we sell. It is obvious that you care about the quality of the prints that you produce. Your prices are very reasonable. We will continue to use HugPress for all of our print needs.
— Pat W., Illinois

HugPress is the world's 1st ProLab whose soul is powered exclusively by KC2 from Kodak Alaris.