The Timely Death of George Eastman

Some may know of my somewhat infatuation with George Eastman, founder of Kodak.  I've always considered Mr. Eastman as the first Steve Jobs.  Mr. Eastman and Mr. Jobs both exhibited similar entrepreneurial traits.  As did Steve Jobs, George Eastman had the ability to create a product that we didn't know we needed until we had one (the Kodak Camera).  In addition, Mr. Eastman could design, build, produce, and market his many Kodak imaging devices & the peripherals that went along with them.

I'm reminded every year on my birthday, that it was the same day George Eastman ended his own life.  As I visited the Eastman Museum this year on my birthday, I learned that the Eastman Museum quietly remembers this day with a bouquet of yellow & red flowers on the doorstep of Mr. Eastman's home in Rochester N.Y. (see photograph)

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