"The world is but a Canvas to our imagination." - henry david thoreau -

When Henry David Thoreau said this, I doubt he thought how relevant it would be to our world of photography.  It made me think about the thousands of artistically creative images I've witnessed crafted into canvas over the last 3 decades - & how they are still giving pleasure to those who are viewing them.

When the world is captured & crafted on canvas, it becomes a lasting memory of what 'was' at that moment in time.  ~don

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Canvas Panels | Endura Premium Canvas Paper

Thanks to Deb Russell for sharing both her image & the matching quote.

Thanks to Deb Russell for sharing both her image & the matching quote.

A Canvas no screen can touch

but you can!

One thing for sure, your screens will never allow you to touch, feel, & hold photography like our HugPress Endura Premium Canvas silver halide pro photo paper from Kodak Alaris.

This classic, luxurious, canvas look & feel is only found in Kodak's Endura real photo papers.

Imagine, setting your photography apart in HugPress books & albums with canvas textured pages.  Plus, Endura Canvas surface paper is now available for your Special Event Units (10x13 & smaller). It's difficult to scan/copy too :-)

Request Your Free Sample and touch luxury for yourself. (Don't forget to enter your address!)

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Best ~don

Why HugPress makes your photography tick with Kodak kc2

My most frequently asked questions are "why did you change names, Don" &  "what are the differences with your new prolab?"

Quite simply, I felt photography needed a fresh new (free) prolab App that's:

  • One start-to-finish streamlined photography ordering & online pro Storefront solution
  • Easy, smart features in one place. Do basic editing, organize projects and categories intuitively

  • Makes ordering smarter, more intuitive, & foolproof

Your HugPress prolab kc2 free App is powered by our friends at Kodak Alaris - the brand that's synonymous with quality photography and saving memorable life events.

Goodbye Bullock Pro & HD - Hello HugPress (Why Don?)

We should no longer say 'photography IS changing' while it's obvious 'photography HAS changed'. Rita Mae Brown once defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" which is why change must be met with entrepreneurial creativity.

For over 30 years Bullock Professional has met change head on, but now it's time for HugPress to go beyond adapting to change and get ahead of it.  The new face of professional photography cracks the doors of opportunity - and HugPress' mission is to open these doors wide open.

How? We're putting our hearts and minds into taking the emotions created from your photography and sharing them as lasting memories - evoking emotions that will touch every person who holds or admires them.  In other words, we create 'hugs'!

We all know that technology is advancing at the speed of light.  Fortunately, screens are becoming simple, intuitive, and more appealing to use.  Whether it's our HugPress kc2 ordering app or the real gamer changer - our new online 'Storefront', HugPress will never stop listening to your needs and then, exceed those expectations.

While change can be disruptive, not changing would be insane.

Happy 'Independence' day! 

~don bullock,
  founder & owner




My Best Throwback Thursday in 30 Years

Thursday, May 26, 2016 we celebrate a Throwback Thursday like no other (for me, that is).

On this day 30 years ago, Barbara and I unlocked the doors of the old Red & White Grocery building here in Albemarle NC and started our journey as the entrepreneurs behind Bullock Professional Colour.

Today I'm looking back at printed memories (below) from the last 3 decades and sharing my vision for what the next 3 decades might look like at HugPress.

My heartfelt thanks to our staff (both past & present) and to our customers - because without you, this day would have never come.

All the best,

Don (May 26, 2016) sharing a hug with the guy who founded Bullock Professional back in 1986.

Don (May 26, 2016) sharing a hug with the guy who founded Bullock Professional back in 1986.